The Different Benefits Of Using Green Oak Beams In Commercial Buildings

Oak Beams

Oak has been a favored building material for many centuries across the globe, but it is only in recent years that it has been used by architects for commercial buildings. Any property, from an industrial office block to a supermarket, can be transformed using oak beams to create a unique and functional design. This article will provide information on the various benefits of using green oak in different commercial buildings.

• Character

Wooden beams, particular oak beams, are highly beneficial in adding character to a property. By incorporating it into the commercial setting the wood will allow the building to be a functional area with organization elements, but it will also improve the aesthetic appeal of the property.

• Durability

Unlike the majority of other timbers, green oak is a hardy and strong type of wood that is highly resistant to inclement weather. It is particularly resistant to moisture making it ideal to use in wetter climates where there is a great deal of rain. It is important to take this into account because wooden buildings, when wet, can present with mold or bacteria growth which can destroy the beams. However, oak beams are long-lasting and are unlikely to suffer from this type of bacterial growth.

Another factor related to durability is the issue of maintenance. Green oak beams require very little maintenance and are easy to keep. Furthermore, the wood does not need to be treated with fire retardants or preservatives which can be damaging to the property due to the hazardous chemicals.

• Versatility

As a building material, the green oak beam is a highly versatile option that can be used exclusively throughout a structure or in combination with other materials, such as glass or steel. Green oak is ideal when covering steel structures in order to introduce a sense of warmth to the commercial property, while exploiting its high versatility.

Due to this versatility, it is possible to determine cost-effectiveness because the amount of wood used will influence the money being spent on the building. Oak is a cost-effective material to use and the construction can be speedy which reduces labor costs considerably.

• Eco-Friendliness

Green oak is highly beneficial as a commercial building material due to its eco-friendliness factor, particularly if it is sourced from a well-managed sustainable source. When compared to other building construction materials, oak presents with low levels of embodied energy – the energy utilized to source, manufacture, and transport the wood.

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