The Basics Of Surface Mount Power Inductors

surface mount power inductors

This article discusses the basic features of surface mount power inductors. You can buy these devices for a range of applications that could range from power converts to power supplies. The basic types include pressed iron powder and ferrite. Within these types of you might choose between shielded, non-shielded, ferrite-coated, pressed iron powder, and chip inductors.

Basics of Surface Mount Power Inductors

This section discusses some common applications and the type of inductors to choose:

High-current And Low-Profile Applications

Does your design require a low profile and high power? If so, the LMLP offers a surprisingly high amount of power in a tiny package.

These high-current conductors are shielded and produced with an iron powder core. These are used for applications that require an induction range from .1 to 47 PH. The saturation current can range from 3 up to 120 A.

Wire-Wound With A Ferrite Chip

If you intend to solder with a soldering iron, reflow, or even wave soldering, this model is a good choice for a tight seal. Furthermore, this durable type of inductor is very resistant to damage from either pressure or shocks. It’s also more reliable for applications that may experience quick changes in humidity or temperature. This is a good choice for PCs, LCD TVs, cell phones, tablets, and other kinds of applications that are either portable or may experience quite a bit of use.

Choosing The Right Surface Mount Power Inductor For Your Application

You have many choices for different applications. To select the right one, you need to consider your requirements for power, durability, and size. You might also decide how you invent to solder or affix the inductor to the rest of the device. The good thingĀ is that you can choose new inductors that pack a lot of power and reliability into very small packages.…