Shaw Flooring- Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

There is no denying that a hardwood floor adds beauty to any home. It is an ideal combination of beauty and strength, but even so, a hardwood floor requires maintenance as well.

Hardwood floors are quite vulnerable to dust and dirt, which can cause dents, scratches and dulling. If you want to protect the beauty of your hardwood floor, you should follow a regular maintenance routine.

First, know your floor. Before you can get your cleaning equipment out, you need to find out if the floor is sealed, and with what product as the cleaning method depends mostly on the type of finish. You can always ask the installer or conduct a little test. Rub your finger across the floor, and if there’s no smudge, then the floor surface is sealed. If there’s smudge, then your floor could be treated with a penetrating seal, oil finish, varnish and could be also waxed. If the floor is sealed with polyurethane, urethane or polyacrylic, then it is water resistant, making it easier to clean.

However, if the shaw flooring is treated with oil, you may have to add a little effort since the oil finish is soaked into the timber and hardens from the inside. You will need to be careful when cleaning such and paste or liquid wax is recommended. This ideally applies to varnished, lacquered and shellacked floors as they are not quite resistant to water.


Keep Out The Dirt

Perhaps the fist tip in maintaining your hardwood floor is to keep it clean at all times. To prevent dirt and dust particles from scratching the wood, you have to keep the dust out. You can use synthetic doormats at the entrance to trap dirt. However, avoid mats that have abrasive or adhesive coated bottoms.


Cleaning Tips

You will also want to ensure that your floor remains clean with these tips:

-wipe any spills immediately

-sweep, vacuum or mop your floor at least twice a week

-use the recommended hardwood flooring cleaners

-avoid dragging heavy equipment or furniture on the floor

-Keep the relative humidity in your house between 35 and 55 percent. Also, avoid direct sunlight contact with the floor.

-Finally, add a leg protector under furniture legs to minimize scratching.


Keep in mind that water damages wood, and so, it is not a good idea to use it for cleaning these particular floors. Use the recommended cleaning products, and your floor will last for long.