Trapping Tips for Pest Control

As much as we want to be cost-effective by trying to set rodent traps by ourselves, it is always still advisable to let professionals, such as pest control gilbert, to handle pest infestations. However, you can help them out by following through with these tips.


Detective Work

To successfully trap rats, you’ll need to become a detective. An open mind, along with detailed tracking, will have your traps full of rats in no time. As cliché as it may sound, Sherlock Holmes has inspired the needed detective approach to capture rodents at a moment’s notice. You’ll have to learn how to emphasize your inspections by using reason, logic, and observation. Understanding the difference between observing and seeing is also a primary key to aid the pest control technicians to locate the source of habitat.


Most of the time, rats leave a visible trail behind. Pay close attention as to where they usually leave droppings, urine, or rub marks behind. This will undoubtedly help the technicians locate their presence to determine the best trap placements.


To do the trapping properly, you’ll have to do prebaiting. If you invest enough time – a few nights at most – to this activity, you’ll have higher chances of catching them all at once. Otherwise, you’ll only be trapping two rodents at a time, which is a waste of energy.

Because rats are wary of unfamiliar food – neophobia – they are likely to stray away from traps in the beginning. In prebaiting, however, you can ease their neophobia by rewarding them with food. Take note of the food the rodents are commonly eating and use it as a prebait. To help you guarantee a successful strategy, here are helpful tips:

  • Limit the other food sources to spotlight the food you used to prebait.
  • You can use four to five kinds of bait incase the other rodents aren’t familiar with one.
  • Don’t be greedy when applying the bait. Being generous to the amount will have more rodents going for a feed.
  • Take note of the areas where feeding mostly occurs and add additional traps near it.
  • Empty and refill the traps with fresh baits. You can do this for three or four consecutive days or until 75% of the traps have been taken out.

If you have been having rats, or any pests rummaging through your house, don’t hesitate to call pest control gilbert. They will drive out all types of pests with a guarantee.